I'm very interested in one of your breedings. Where do I go from there?

That's great! Go ahead and use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us. We accept deposits on litters after the pregnancy has been confirmed, so you can opt to be put on a waitlist for a notification about that breeding when it is time to put down a deposit.

What's the point of putting down a deposit?

The deposit will hold your place for the litter. However, this is not a guarantee that you will get a puppy out of that litter. If someone put down a deposit before you and there weren't enough puppies, or if a puppy in that litter does not suit your desires and/or lifestyle, your deposit can be rolled to another litter or refunded. This deposit is non-refundable if you just change your mind about getting a puppy, so please think carefully before putting down a deposit.

How do you price your puppies?

The prices of our puppies are based on a few factors. Our base price of $1,500 is due to all of the resources we have put into our dogs with health testing, titling, and more. If a dog has more titles, the price of the puppies will increase.

Can I choose my puppy?

While we do give some consideration to the puppy that the buyer picks, we ask that our buyers remember that we are with the puppies from their birth until the time they are evaluated, which means that we will know that the cute little puppy who curled up in your lap that happened to be tired when you stopped by might actually be the driviest puppy in the litter and not suited for your lifestyle. Should two or more puppies in the litter have similar personalities, we would be more than happy to allow you to make a selection from there. 

What is your health guarantee?

All of our breeding stock are health tested before they are bred. Our dogs must be free of hip and elbow dysplasia and not at risk of degenerative myelopathy to meet our breeding standards. Unfortunately, genetic issues can still crop up at some point down the road, so we do offer a guarantee that covers hip and elbow dysplasia as well as a few other genetic diseases that are covered at our discretion. Check out our Contract for more information. 

Will my puppy have any training before it goes home?

Your puppy will not have any training before it goes home unless a training package is purchased. They will, however, have age-appropriate stimuli to properly introduce them to life. Our puppies are introduced to regular sounds in the home, cats, children, and various noises. 


What is your recommendation for nutritious dog food?

There are a few things we look for when considering what to feed our dogs. Especially in growing puppies, the calcium to phosphorus ratio should be as close to 1:1 as possible for proper joint growth. Please keep in mind that one food will not work for all dogs. If your dog is having problems with any food as he or she grows, you should definitely switch his or her food as long as other factors are not impacting this decision (such as something environmental causing dry, itchy skin). We are not opposed to raw diets as long as they are  properly balanced or premade. 

What do you recommend for flea and tick and heartworm preventatives?

We highly recommend that you keep your dog on a heartworm preventative throughout its entire life. Keep in mind that the cost to treat heartworms is the equivalent of approximately 7 years' worth of monthly heartworm preventative, and heartworm treatment isn't guaranteed to work. We keep our dogs on Heartgard and Nexgard.

Why do you sell your puppies on limited registration? Can this be changed?

Our puppies are sold on limited registration because we do not want to continue health or temperament problems that plague the German shepherd dog. If a dog is not certified as good breeding stock at 24 months or older, the limited registration will not be lifted. However, if you complete health testing and titling to show that the dog is of sound mind and orthopedics and good working quality, limited registration can be lifted to full registration. 

How does your naming system work?

When a litter is on the ground, it will receive a designated letter. We will start at A for the first litter, B for the second, and so and and so forth. That letter must be used at the beginning of the dog's registered name. You do not have to use this as the dog's call name, but not following this procedure can make our guarantee null and void. The remainder of the dog's name should be "vom Kriegherz." An example would be Fido vom Kriegherz for the F litter. You could then call your dog Rover if you so chose. You will have up until the puppy goes home to choose its name. If you cannot choose a name, however, a name will be assigned to your puppy. This allows us to very easily keep up with our litters. 

Do you offer any discounts?

To show our appreciation to those who serve, we offer a 10% discount to United States law enforcement and military personnel. 

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