Our next litter will hopefully be planned for sometime in 2021. 

We redid Krieger's PennHIP x-rays in April of 2019, which put Krieger at 5 years of age. He came back with phenomenal scores--.16 and .18--that placed him in the top 5% of the breed. We couldn't be happier! See the report here.


The kennel vom Kriegherz translates literally to "war heart." Krieger, Emily's first dog, was the namesake for this kennel. Emily found her love of the breed with Krieger, and she has wanted to continue his legacy with her breeding program.

Emily is a competitor in various competition sports within the organizations of PSA, AKC, and IGP, and the list is ever-growing. Her passion for the German shepherd dog has grown immensely with each passing year, and she currently looks forward to beginning a legacy with the vom Kriegherz kennel name that will hopefully withstand the test of time.


The vision of Kriegherz German Shepherds is to produce a dog much like Emily's Krieger--a dog with great nerves, balanced drives, a stellar
temperament, phenomenal orthopedics, and a good off switch. Our dogs will be suitable for multiple sport venues or active family homes.


We at Kriegherz German Shepherds pride ourselves on being transparent. You will find images of all health testing we have done with our dogs as well as links to prove health testing when available. Furthermore, you will find statistics about the puppies we have produced on our Statistics page. While no breeder can guarantee that any dog will be perfect, we like to give you information to stack the odds in your favor when selecting a puppy from one of our breedings. Should you have them, questions about or dogs are both welcomed and encouraged. Some of these questions may already be answered on our FAQs page.

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